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JoeMama895's News

Posted by JoeMama895 - June 21st, 2022

Bruh I want to cut myself to where my whole arm is stained with blood because the really awful things I went through like tough love, bullying whitch is mild, friends leaving me just because of a disagreement and way more but like I cut myself a few times and I choked on marbles but that didn't work

Posted by JoeMama895 - June 19th, 2022

I'm now on Instagram

Posted by JoeMama895 - June 11th, 2022

I will draw fanart for free but to post it here it'll cost a dollar for it I hope you ain't broke but for real I will do that but I don't give a fuck about the money because idk how I would get money anyways I don't have PayPal so what do I use????

Posted by JoeMama895 - June 11th, 2022

For some damn reason I can't change my name but I am now OatMilk895 or you can call me OatMeal895

Oh yeah also happy pick day for y'all

Unlike me

Posted by JoeMama895 - June 1st, 2022

So now I will idk I don't know why I made this


Posted by JoeMama895 - May 9th, 2022

should i do a commission on twitter? idk if you guys would pay a guy on the Inernet who is slightly good at art but simpler so i want to ask this because i want something for 10$ but i'll make it 5$ if you guys want me to

Posted by JoeMama895 - May 6th, 2022

i forgot about TBerger like it felt like he never existed after he started hating me and i started hating him it just felt like he was gone but he is not but i don't really care because i'm still a newgrounds person

Posted by JoeMama895 - May 2nd, 2022

if newgrounds was a channel it will be an adult channel duh, but the sign offs will be good some will be a vibe and others will be disturbing like idk it'll just be scary for kids when they wake up at 6:00 am Haha it'll be too much lol.

update: i forgot about the sign ins, it'll be like an intro and after the intro it'll be a warning so kids could stop watching it

Posted by JoeMama895 - April 29th, 2022

I'm sorry for getting mad that time TBerger just made me really mad so now I said I won't post anything here but i can't because I love my followers just not TBerger and I want to post more art I try to post more art but most just don't look good, but this is an apology for recent drama on my account. Love, JoeMama895

Posted by JoeMama895 - April 20th, 2022

well fuck them they dumb like GOD DAMN HE IS DUMB AND USELESS he should die like fuck him he should not be here with a person he hates like damn just cuz i lied like move on bitch of course he didn't cuz he is an idiot i don't care about him he thinks i lied about being trans like bruh some people can change idiot i changed my art style but now goodbye and Happy 420 you won't see art only one more